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Lakhs of downloads. Thousands of daily logins. Investors researching, monitoring, tracking their progress, investing regularly, and getting their service needs addressed. The DSP Mutual Fund investor app has been alive, kicking and thriving for several years now.

We have always listened closely to our investors’ feedback and queries, and have worked hard behind the scenes to better serve your needs on our investor app. Having interacted and spoken to many of you over the past few months, we recognized the need to make a few upgrades here and there. Which is why, I am proud to share that our app has now been reborn in a revamped avatar!

It is important to reiterate here that even with our revamped app, our mission remains the same: To empower you to pursue your investment goals over time while also guiding you to make better investment decisions along the way.

With features and journeys crafted based on insights from observing how investors have been using (or not using) our app, we believe we have made some significant upgrades. Our app welcomes newcomers with learning modules, goal planning tools, risk assessment exercises and more. For seasoned investors, we offer personalized insights and recommendations, timely market insights, investment calculators and advanced portfolio tracking.

Some of the key features we've incorporated on the basis of your feedback are as follows:

Simpler Login: We spoke to many newer investors who said they were eager to get access to the plethora of knowledge and tools that we offer, but were not yet ready to start their investment journey with us. Now, you will be able to access our app with your mobile number without the need to enter your PAN, do your KYC or set a password. We will request you to provide mandatory information only when you are ready to start investing.

DSP App 1.2

Personalized Onboarding: We heard you when you said that every investor, new or experienced, may not enjoy the exact same onboarding process. So many of you are already experienced investors with us, so must be able to see your portfolio, performance, insights and much more quickly, once we verify your identity. But many of you are either new to DSP or new to the mutual fund industry. So, we have created a tailored experience with a few onboarding questions to understand you and guide you based on your preferences and goals.

Intuitive Navigation: We observed that a lot of our new app users found it difficult to navigate certain sections or discover what they were looking for. So we looked deeper at the data, and have now simplified our navigation into three basic tabs:

  1. Explore our funds, learning modules, goal-based journey etc.
  2. Track your Portfolio, see investments in schemes, view insights about your portfolio etc.
  3. Do More with your investment account, use tools and other resources, contact us in case you need to tell us something, share your experience if you are happy and more.

 DSP App 2.2

Goal Planning: All of us have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. While we know that so many of you do consistently try to invest in mutual funds, stay for the long term and reap the benefit of compounding, we recognized that we could have done a better job of creating an easy interface for you to visualize your journey and invest accordingly. So, we have curated some of the top goals of investors like you and have created a goal-based journey to help you take informed decisions as you realize your dreams.

DSP App 3

Cart-Based Checkout: We realized that our transaction journeys are not the best versions of what they could have been. Some of our users expressed problems searching our funds, evaluating performance, and finding detailed information. And after all that effort, once you did find the right fund, it was not possible to add multiple funds in a single cart and complete the transaction. Or even if you added them and realized that you wanted to check the NAV one more time and went back, all your effort would go in vain and you would have to restart from scratch. Therefore, we have now created a seamless cart-based journey, just like your favourite e-commerce platforms.

DSP App 4.2

Personalized Nudges: They say that no two tigers have the same stripes. And no two human beings are alike. So why should your experience be a replica of your friend’s or colleague’s? We have therefore built our new app in such a way that we can customize your experience, so that you get the guidance and insights that you need. With the promise that we will keep learning from your behavior and show you more custom and powerful nudges that guide you towards even better investing decisions over time.

DSP App 5

And this is not all: there is a lot to try and explore on our app. Yes, it will not seem like rocket science and it is probably not going to be ‘magical.’ We will not make any outlandish claims but if you try the app, I promise you will experience the honest simplicity and to-the-point-ness of the experience we want you to have. Many of us at DSP have worked hard to take the first phase of our new app live. Like an organism, it will continue to evolve and grow with your feedback.

I invite you to share your thoughts with us on or directly on the app so that we can continue to listen to you and improve your experience.

And if you actually did read till here, I thank you for your patience and continued patronage, on behalf of Team DSP.

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About the author

Shephali Shrimali leads the Digital Product Experience team at DSP, dreaming up of newer ways every day to improve the quality of interactions and the experience of investors on our website and our app. She is as obsessed as all of us at DSP to help you #InvestForGood.


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