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If you have the Willingness, we have the Tools!

If there is one thing my mother is always looking for on my father’s medical reports, it is his cholesterol level. I mean, sure, he is a heart patient after all; but cholesterol seems to have become the bane of our generation. The uninformed may think all cholesterol is bad cholesterol. But those who read food labels, nutrition charts and get their annual health check-ups like I do, know the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

The point I’m trying to drive home is that unless you do your own due diligence, read about what you are getting into, and educate yourself about the pros and cons, your decisions will not be well-informed. They may certainly be made with all good intent but are likely to be more hopeful than thoughtful.

Your investments too, are governed by the same analogy. If you really want to do well with your money, you can certainly choose to keep things simple with your investments. Otherwise, you can choose more complex investment products as long as you educate yourself about the market, various offerings, asset classes, risk management principles and different investment strategies (among other aspects) before you make a decision.

Investing is meant for the aware and conscious. Making money via investing is all about making well-informed, rational decisions to mitigate risk while understanding the ramifications of those decisions. It is about educating yourself about what is happening in the markets, the economy, and the business corridors, while also preparing for what could go wrong. When you place everything under a lens and tie it together, you can then get a wide-angle view of future trends and prospects.

Legendary investor Peter Lynch spoke about how investments are all about making informed decisions when he said, “An important key to investing is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets.” Unlike the lottery, investments do not work on luck, but on fundamentals. While lottery hopefuls rely on hoping, wishing and praying for luck, the more intelligent investors base their decisions on principles of strong fundamentals, analysis, and facts.

So only for such discerning investors, our team at DSP puts together a wide array of reports, insights and actionable ideas at regular intervals so you can study what matters, in the crispest, easiest, and simplest manner.

In this blog below, we will cover our wide range of offerings that we believe can guide you to make more conscious, sensible, responsible and informed investment decisions.


The economy and markets are highly dynamic and this reflects in various figures, numbers, and charts put out by research organizations and analysts regularly. Netra is DSP's one of a kind in-house research-based product that extracts & presents market insights ahead of time.

It helps you get a monthly round-up of insights that matter, that can help you analyse what’s going on across sectors, around the world and in India. Click the link below to check out all the available editions.

Go to Netra

We also break this monthly report down into a Twitter thread each month. Here’s an example below.

Annual Report Nectar

Think of our Annual Report Nectar as the most intelligent ‘child’ of all annual reports. This is a report that curates comments, observations, trends and insights that our analysts found startling, potent, insightful or just plainly informative.

Our seasoned analysts go through the annual reports of over 80 companies across various sectors to draft the Annual Report Nectar and do the deep-digging so you don’t have to, making the process of understanding company reports easier.

Click the link below to check out all the available editions.

Go to Annual Report Nectar


The Transcript

The Transcript is a quarterly publication that helps you get your hands on excerpts and management comments from a wide range of quarterly earnings calls or AGMs or analyst meets that our team attends.

Our approach here is to select a topic of interest and then go through various transcripts/ calls with companies connected to that topic. Our analysts use their fine-toothed combs and try to connect the dots to present to you the larger picture and help you identify trends and various inter-sector implications.
Click the link below to check out all the available editions.

Go to The Transcript


Sectoral Compass

There are a multitude of sectors and related investment opportunities available to you. From the Auto industry to Tech, from Banking to Pharma, from Mobility to eCommerce, from FMCG to Clothing and many more –various sectors comprise a whole range of companies. While some sectors have many leading players, there are others where only a handful of companies control the market.

DSP’s Sectoral Compass is a short video series in which our analysts talk about their medium to long term views on different sectors, one at a time. Backed by data, charts, and top-notch analysis, these videos deep-dive into each sector, study its incumbent status, and discusses future prospects.

These videos are released once a week towards the end of the financial year. Click the link below to watch our Sectoral Compass videos.

Watch the Sectoral Compass series



Tathya helps you get a one-shot view of the latest economic and market indicators enabling you to read the news smartly. This monthly publication is a single-page curation of 60 indicators with a few crisply curated insights that help you stay on top of trends. Click below to access the available editions.

Go to Tathya

Wondering what Tathya looks like? Check out this tweet below:


Simple: A short, 5-point summary of key events that helps you understand the what and why of the event, in addition to any relevant history. Check out the latest editions of Tathya here.

Like all the reports mentioned till now, #5Things also shows up on our Twitter feed regularly.

+ (Adding) Zeroes

This is a topical interactive audio & video series that helps you get more clarity and depth of understanding of the market, sectors or economy-related trends, depending on what we choose to get into. And we get into everything that matters!

This flexible content series can take the shape of long-form audio interactions like Twitter Spaces or Live video streams on YouTube. Expect conversational, probing audio or video interactions with in-house experts and industry-specific subject matter experts.

Here’s what an Adding Zeroes session looks like:


Getting Smarter

Don’t know the difference between Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Wholesale Price Index (WPI)? Don’t worry! Our Getting Smarter series will help you understand complex financial and economic terms in the easiest manner. Expect short breakdowns of concepts that help sharpen your market basics and possibly, invest better- all in less than 5 minutes.

Check out the latest editions of Getting Smarter here.

Getting Smarter also releases on Twitter each month. Here’s a sample of what we’re talking about:

The Report Card

Published twice a year (half-yearly), The Report Card is an amalgamation of carefully analysed company Profit and Loss statements, Margins, Ratios, Volumes, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements and more!
When studied together, these factors can help you analyse the key underlying trends and get a measure of India’s corporate health at the end of the half FY and the full FY.

Here’s where you can find the previous editions of The Report Card.

Here’s what The Report Card looks like:

The Navigator

This quarterly tool studies current market conditions & helps uncover DSP’s recommended asset-allocation strategy. This is a detailed take on drivers of returns, including valuations, growth, input prices across asset classes and others.

It assimilates recommendations from our observations already noted in Netra, Tathya, #5Things, Transcript, Report Card, #SectoralCompass & more to provide you direction on what you could do with your money. The Navigator also provides the DSP house view on equities, fixed income & commodities and can help you construct your portfolio entirely using suitable DSP funds.

Click here to access The Navigator

What The Navigator break-down looks like on Twitter:

#InvestForGood Blog

A weekly account of a mixed basket of content, our #InvestForGood Blog carries a wide-ranging selection of topical content, investing insights and one-of-a-kind stories that deserve to be read.

If you want to read intelligent, witty and smart content (even if we say so ourselves!) related to money that give you a well-rounded perspective on things that matter for investors, this is a must-read affair.
You’re already reading this on our blog, but if you haven’t seen our other posts, click here.


Learning Library

This is our extensive content library that explains various investing concepts in article & video forms, aimed at newer investors but also capable of serving experienced investors. This is one resource college kids, amateur investors and even advanced folks can keep bookmarked.

Access our library here.

You can also watch all our fun learning videos here.

No matter if you’re new to investing or if you’ve been here for years, our Learning Library’s self-learning short courses come ready made for all kinds of investors. You can choose between the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels based on your knowledge. And if you do take the time to go through, we promise you- you’ll be on your way to become a more responsible, more aware investor.

Here’s a video for you to enjoy from this series:


If you’re still here… :)

American economist and ace investor Benjamin Graham was spot on when he said that when it comes to investing, there is nothing as rewarding as educating yourself. When you are conscious and aware of the implications and consequences of your investment choices, you will be better equipped to answer questions like ‘where to invest, ‘how to invest’, and ‘how much to invest’. And you will become much more responsible and rational while investing, which is likely to lead to much better outcomes for you as an investor. Which is the whole point of this blog and all the content we painstakingly craft for you, in the hope we help you #InvestForGood.

Let’s end this post with one of our favourite quotes by Thomas Edison. Question is, are you ready to put in the work?

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."


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The Rational Ghost. This is one rational storyteller that provides interesting insights & stories about investing and tries to be completely unemotional about it. Lives in the shadows, doesn’t want anyone to know its real name.


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