Frameworks: How our fund managers manage your money!

“To invest successfully, one doesn’t need a stratospheric IQ... What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.” – Warren Buffett

Information is widely abundant. Mining data for relevant insights to generate investing methodologies with a higher probability of success is the true art of investing.

Without a framework to organize the available information, everything can run amok - relevant information, irrelevant information, emotions, and biases. Such a situation may lead us to incorrectly answering the crucial question,

“Do I want to own this business and if so, at what price?”

Frameworks assess and organize key factors that can generate durable value and aim to minimize the impact of noise and narratives. They can help leverage unique insights and learnings to create better outcomes. Frameworks also institutionalize investing ideas and serve as beacons that one can look at when the market might be giving mixed signals.

Good frameworks aim to set rules that can help create consistency and are universal.

At DSP, our Fund Managers honestly believe that #RuleRule and invest significant energy, thoughtfully crafting their own frameworks. We encourage our investors to go through them to understand how their money will be invested, and decide if they are aligned with the fund manager's thinking.

All our available fund manager frameworks are easily accessible on our website Just click on Insights & Tools> Investment Frameworks any time (available in the top navigation).

And if you are reading this blog and want to check out any of our fund managers’ frameworks right away, here they are:

  • Vinit Sambre (Head - Equities). Click here.
  • Atul Bhole (Fund Manager- Equities). Click here.
  • Rohit Singhania (Co-Head - Equities). Click here.
  • Chirag Dagli (VP - Investments). Click here.
  • Abhishek Singh (Co-Head - Equities). Click here.


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