DSP Asset Managers is now ISO 27001 certified!

What is the ISO 27001 standard? 

ISO/IEC 27001 is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

It provides companies with guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system.

Conformity with this standard means that an organisation or business has put in place a system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company.

With cyber-crime on the rise and new threats constantly emerging, it can seem difficult or even impossible to manage cyber-risks. ISO/IEC 27001 helps organisations like us become risk-aware and proactively identify and address any weaknesses.

This standard promotes a holistic approach to information security: vetting people, policies and technology. An information security management system implemented according to this standard is a tool for risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellence.

What does this certification mean for DSP’s investors & clients?

  • Quality Assurance: Our investors and clients can continue to have complete confidence in DSP's quality management systems, which ensure consistent delivery of products and services while meeting standards and customer requirements.

  • Credibility and Trust: This certification signifies that DSP adheres to globally recognised standards for processes, products, services and data protection: integrity, confidentiality and availability.

  • Operational Efficiency: The implementation of ISO standards often leads to improved operational efficiency and better resource utilisation, ultimately resulting in cost savings and increased competitiveness.

  • Better Security: This certification indicates higher resilience against cyber-attacks, better preparedness for new threats, improved security across all functions, and better organisation-wide protection.

  • Continuous Improvement: This certification is also indicative of a culture of continuous improvement within DSP, as it requires regular audit and review to maintain compliance, which foster innovation and adaptability.

What does this certification mean for us?

In achieving the ISO 27001 certification, we have reached a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence and security. We are proud of this accomplishment, and of the fact that our commitment to quality, credibility, and operational efficiency has been recognised at a global level.

But this is just the beginning. We at DSP have fostered a culture of continuous improvement, and have placed great importance on strengthening our information security management systems and ensuring the safety of our data. We are vigilant, proactive, and resilient in the face of ever-evolving cyber-threats, and are secure in the knowledge that our dedication to excellence sets us apart.

We pledge to continue to uphold the highest standards of security, trust, and integrity, so that you, our investors and clients, can attain even greater heights of success!



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