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2022, Shooting for the moon

Surely, you want to know what 2022 has in store for investors.

You then absolutely need to read our equity investment team’s hot-off-the-press annual note.

A warning though. This is a long read. It is also not your typical start-of-year note, where a bunch of ‘unpredictable’ predictions are rattled off.

However, you will enjoy reading this. Why?

Because it is not just generic market views, but also a deep dive on ‘how’ DSP’s equity team thinks.

This is not about ‘what’ we expect from the market, but ‘why’ we think that way.

Why is this nuance important? Because the future is unknowable.

But preparing for it is possible, and we want to demonstrate our depth of thought process to you. That you trust your hard-earned money with us to manage is something we take very seriously.

But there is an inherent challenge. In the real world, if you want to buy something – say a mobile phone or a laptop, you pay money today and get your gadget right away. In the equity market, you invest your money today, but returns only come way into the future. This is a feature of the market, not a flaw. We recognize this, and while we can’t promise returns, we can give you an insight into how your money is being put to work when you invest it with us.

There are several initiatives to talk about, that aim to ensure your capital is ahead of the game. Jarvis, forensic science, 40-year DCFs, deep dives on new-age businesses, global ecosystem analyses, are just a few. And learning about these, we believe, will give you immense confidence in our investing process.

Of course, no annual note would be complete without detailed market views. We are not momentum investors, but neither are we doomsayers. We call it as we see it. A realistic market view, which we believe you ought to know.

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And please share your feedback with us, we would be grateful.

Happy 2022, #InvestForGood :)


About the author

Vinit Sambre heads the Equities team at DSP Asset Managers. Rohit Singhania is Co-Head, Equities and Mahesh Ramasubramanian is VP-Equities & Investment Strategist.


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